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Dylan Craig_

2019 NAILE Natural Colored jr show

Reserve champ

2019 NAILE Natural Colored fine show

2nd yearling ewe. was purchased privately

Doug Kirpatrick

2019 NAILE Rambouillet show

Best fleece sired by our ram

2019 Ohio state fair

champ Rambo ewe and best fleeced sired by our ram

2019 Indiana state fair

champ Rambo ewe and best fleeced, different ewe than Ohio champ, sired by our ram

2019 Michigan state fair

champ Rambo ewe and best fleeced

Terence Blake

2019 NAILE

2nd rambouillet ewe lamb sired and dammed by our sheep

Dew Drop Farms

2019 national rambouillet show & sale

champion and high sellng ram as well as champion and high selling ewe both sired by the Bar J Bar ram purchased from us

Ewe and I Farm

2018 North American Livestock Expo

Best Rambouillet fleece and also 3rd place ewe lamb with lamb purchased privately in the spring

Charles Inbody Family

2018 North American Livestock Jr Show

Best fleece Natural Colored show with ewe purchased privately in the spring

Dew Drop Farms

Eaton, Ohio 2018

1st yearling ewe and high selling Rambouillet at $1800 at Eaton sale sired by our 3rd place yearling ram at national show & sale

2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale

1st fall ram lamb and 2nd fall ewe lamb and reserve champion also sired by ram purchased from us

2 018 National show & sale

2nd late fall ram lamb, 1st late fall ewe lamb, and 1st & 2nd early fall ewe lambs also sired by ram purchase from us

Doug Kirpatrick Rambouillets

Champion & r.Champion ewe, Reserve Champion ram, Best fleeced white wool, Supreme champion white wool shorn 2018 Michigan State Fair all sired by ram purchased from us

Sonja Connor

1st yearling ram & champion and 1st yearling ewe & reserve champion at the 2018 Maryland sheep and wool festival and National Natural Colored

show both sired by the ram purchased from us at Eaton where he was 1st jr ram lamb and later was 1st yearling ram at Louisville

 Ewe and I Farm

2nd yearling ewe & reserve champion Rambouilllet ewe 2018 Maryland sheep and wool festival purchased as fall ewe lamb from Eaton sale

Doug Kirpatrick

1st yearling ewe and champion and also best fleece 2017 Indiania State fair purchased from Midwest Sale where was 2nd Feb ewe lamb

1st late spring ram lamb 2017 indiania State fair purchased from Midwest Sale where was also 1st

2nd second high selling ram 2017 Ohio Rambouillet sale sired by his new ram purchased from us

!st fall ram lamb and champion at 2017 Midwest sale on a late October lamb by his new ram purchased from us

Jeff Brubaker

champion Rambouilet fleece and supreme champion fleece off a ram purchased from us

Tate family

Reserve Jr Champ Rambouillet ram 2017 Hill Country Livestock Show Texas purchased privately last year

Sonja Connor

1st fine yearling ram 2016 NAILE purchased last year from us at Eaton

Hart Sheep Company

1st fine flock, including their 2nd yearling ram, 1st fall ram lamb, 2nd yearling ewe 2016 NAILE all sired by rams from us and many out of dams from us

L & K Sheep

 1st jr ram lamb 2016 Ohio state fair, purchased at Midwest sale where he was also first

Sonja Conner

2015 Indiana State Fair, Best fleeced Natural Colored on Legacy ewe lamb purchased at Ohio Natural Colored sale

Hart Sheep Company & Halee Hart

2015 Montana State Fair, Supreme champion ewe and champion Natural Colored ewe on yearling ewe purchased as a lamb at 2014 Midwest Sale

Wolf Brothers

$2700 high sellling ewe of the first Wolf/Pines End on line sale was dammed by a ewe purchased privately from us

Hart Sheep Company & Halee Hart

2014 NAILE

1st fine jr ram lamb and champion fine ram and reserve supreme champion over all divisions purchased privately

2nd fine jr ewe lamb purchased at Midwest sale

2014 Montana State Fair

1st Natural Colored yearling & Champion also 2nd fine jr ram lamb last year at Louisville purchased from us a lamb

1st Natural Colored jr ram lamb purchased after Sedalia

1st & 2nd Natural Colored yearly ng ewes purchased this spring, sired by our 2013 National Champion

1st & 2nd Natural Colored jr ewe lambs & Champion & Reserve Champion , 1st ewe lamb was 1st January ewe lamb at Sedalia and was named

Supreme Champion over all breeds the other ewe lamb was also purchased privately after Sedalia

Cordell Jeffcoat

2014 Nebraska State Fair

Champion over all fleece This fleece came from the 2013 National Champion Natural Colored ram Cordell purchased from us