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RAMBOUILLETS We strive to breed for sheep that conform to the ARSBA standards of 60% confirmation, including strong tops straight legs and heavy mucsled in a growthy easy fleshing package and 40% fleeces that are uniform and 60 or finer for rams and 64 or finer for ewes. To achieve there goals we have traveled across the US to acquire some of the best to create the base including the $5000 record selling National champion ewe and recently half interest in the $6000 2012 National champion ram as well as the 2012 National reserve champion ram. All sheep have been scrapie DNA tested and tested for OPP and B.OVIS free.

NATURAL COLOREDS With this breed we select similiar to our Ramouillets and since the breed standards call for a judging emphasis of 60% fleece and 40% confirmation we have elected to breed for a finer uniform fleece. The leasing of former Louisville champion Southwest 2-12 was monumental in propelling us forward to achieving our goals and with several homozygous black ewes we have utilized some of our top Rambouillet rams. A couple years ago, thanks to the Wolfs, we were able to lease two time Louisville champion Calico Freight Train. He has left us several nice females including two different supreme champion females. All sheep have been scrapie DNA tested and tested for OPP and B.OVIS free.

ANGUS CATTLE We utilize some of the top AI sires to help us breed cattle that are growthy, easy fleshing, easy calving, with muscle and internal dimension in an eye appealing package. We have female families that trace back to the great 57D, Gardiner standout 2536, and feed efficiency pioneer Ideal 4465.

Satisfaction Desired - We want you pleased with your purchase and if not let us know

CONTACT: Dave & Carla Julius 605-545-5862 605-545-5860 email [email protected] 329 line rd Box Elder, SD 57719